We Entered Damian Keyes’ Management Contest!

 For about a year John’s been a subscriber to Damian Keyes on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter and he’s made it required viewing for the rest of the band.

Last week Damian announced a contest for him to manage a band for six months while documenting the entire process for his YouTube channel.  All of it will be covered-the incredible successes and epic failures–so that musicians the world over can learn from watching the experiment.

The Adulting Rejects couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this one!  We’ve submitted our entry and we’re proud of the one-minute video we assembled for the contest requirements.

Wander over to YouTube, check out and like the vid, and while you’re there, subscribe to our new Adulting Rejects channel!  We’ve got some exciting plans for the channel regardless of how the contest turns out.  It will be home for exclusive Adulting Rejects content you can’t get through any of our other social media channels.

Special thanks to Ian and Greg from The Depot in Baltimore and Joe Pulio from Music Land in Bel Air.  They gave us some great endorsements to include in the video and having those endorsements really looks like it will set us apart from the other entries.

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